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Francesco Driussi was born in Martignacco (Italy) on November the 27th, 1975. He received the Laurea degree and the Ph.D in Electronics from the University of Udine (Italy) in 2000 and 2004, respectively.

Since October 2018, he is Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture (DPIA) of the University of Udine.

During his activity at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Udine, he was teaching the courses of:

  • “Analog Electronics II” (2007 - 2018);
  • “Fundaments of Electronics” (since 2015);
  • “Electronic Instrumentation” (since 2018);
  • “Electronics” (2011 - 2015).

Research/teaching experience

  • From October 2002 to September 2003, Francesco Driussi was Visiting Scientist at Philips Research Leuven inside the IMEC research center in Belgium.
  • From February 2005 to September 2018, Francesco Driussi held a position of Research Associate at the University of Udine.
  • In October 2018, he became Associate Professor at the University of Udine.

Research interests

His expertise includes device level characterization and physics-based modeling of transistors and memory cells, with special focus on new devices and materials for advanced CMOS and more-than-Moore application. In particular, he is an expert in the design of experiments and development of characterization techniques for the understanding of physical mechanisms involved in the operation of nano and microelectronic devices. Regarding the modeling activity, Francesco Driussi is an expert in physics-based and statistical models for the simulation of Non-Volatile memories and 2D materials-based devices. Recently his research activity includes characterization and modeling of x-ray photodiodes and ferroelectric memristors for neuromorphic computing.

Research collaborations

During his research activity, Francesco Driussi has actively collaborated with important Semiconductor companies, such as NXP (former Philips Semiconductors), ST Microelectronics and Micron. Furthermore, he collaborates with European Research laboratories, such as the CEA-Leti in France, IMEC in Belgium, KTH in Sweden, NaMLab and AMICA-AMO in Germany, IMM-CNR Lab. and Elettra in Italy. His collaborations are also with important Italian and European Universities, such as University of Bologna, University of Pisa, Polytechnic of Milano, Polytechnic of Grenoble (France), University of Siegen (Germany) and University of Aachen (Germany).

Publications and metrics

Francesco Driussi is author or coauthor of 108 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences: 62 have been published on international journals, while 46 on proceedings of international conferences.

His scientific contributions received more than 1300 citations with an H-Index of 19 (source: Google Scholar).

The updated list of Francesco Driussi’s publications can be found in the IRIS database.

Editorial boards and technical/organizing committees

Since 2022, Francesco Driussi serves as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Electronics.

He is or has been part of the Technical Program Committee for:

  • International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM, (2013-14);
  • International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (since 2019);

He has been part of the Organizing Committee of the following international conferences:

  • Insulating Films on Semiconductors Conference, INFOS, held in Udine in 2001;
  • IEEE Conference on the ULtimate Integration on Silicon, ULIS, held in Udine in 2008;
  • 45th Annual Meeting of “Gruppo Elettronica”, held in Udine in 2013;
  • International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures, ICMTS, held in Udine in 2014;
  • Insulating Films on Semiconductors Conference, INFOS, held in Udine in 2015;
  • International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductors Processes and Devices, SISPAD, held in Udine in 2019;
  • IEEE EUROSOI-ULIS Conference, held in Udine in 2022.

European and Italian projects

Francesco Driussi is or was involved in the following Research Projects funded by the EU:

  • BeFerroSynaptic, H2020, GA: 871737 (2020-2023);
  • E2SWITCH, 7FP – STREP, GA: 619509 (2013-2017);
  • GRADE, 7FP – STREP, GA: 317839 (2012-2015);
  • STEEPER, 7FP – STREP, GA: 257267 (2010-13);
  • MODERN, European ENIAC-JTI, (2009-12);
  • NANOSIL, 7FP – Network of Excellence, GA: 21671 (2008-11);
  • GRAND, 7FP – STREP, GA: 215752 (2008-11);
  • GOSSAMER, 7FP – Integrated Project, GA: 214431 (2008-11);
  • PULLNANO, 6FP – Integrated Project, (2006-08);
  • SINANO, 6FP – Network of Excellence, IST-506844 (2004-07).

He is or was involved also in the following projects funded by the Italian MIUR:

  • PRIN 2017 – 2017SRYEJH (2020-23);
  • PRIN 2015 – 2015WMZ5C8 (2017-20);
  • FIRB 2010 – RBFR10XQ28 (2012-15);
  • FIRB 2006 – RBIP06YSJJ (2007-10);
  • FIRB 2001 – RBNE012N3X (2003-07).