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The group of NanoElectronic Devices and Circuits is engaged in several research activities ranging from new materials for microelectronics, to new device concepts and to an early assessment at circuit level of the emerging nanoelectronic technologies. Our background is rooted in numerical simulation and electrical characterization of electron devices. In particular, our expertise covers electronic transport modelling ranging from TCAD models in commercial simulation tools, to in-house developed simulation tools covering semi-classical transport, quantum transport, ab-initio methodologies and, more recently, the modelling of ferroelectric materials and devices. Moreover, in our characterization lab we can perform a detailed electrical analysis of capacitors, transistors, sensors, non-volatile memories and memristors at wafer level, as well as for packaged devices.
The group’s activities have orginally started with the operation and design of advanced CMOS transistors, however our interests and efforts have more recently diversified towards sensors, photo-detectors, memristors and new computational paradigms, such as the neuromorphic computing. In particular, we are very interested to the energy efficiency and the environmental footprint of microelectronics and information technologies. The development of device, circuits and systems able to drastically reduce the energy dissipation is a driving force for most of our research efforts.
Our research activities are frequently carried out in the framework of projects funded by the European Union or by the Italian MIUR, and we consider our wide network of international and national collaborations as a prominent asset of our group.