Research Lab

The micro and nano-electronics laboratory allows students to measure and simulate the most advanced electronic devices and circuits. In particular, the laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art instruments that can be either used for characterization of on-chip circuits, or measure devices and test structures directly on the semiconductor wafers by using a probe station connected to a semiconductor parameter analyzer and other instruments. 
Electrical measurements can be performed under precise temperature control and over a wide range of temperatures (ranging from -60°C to +200°C) thanks to a thermal chuck. 
Dedicated instruments as parameter, spectrum and network analyzers, impedance meter, oscilloscopes and signal generators allow to perform measurements from static and quasi-static regime up to radio-frequency levels. 
Aside from device characterization also modeling and simulation are essential ingredients of research today.  The most modern softwares for simulating the characteristics of nano-electronic devices, circuits and sensors are installed on  high-performance  computing resources available in our research group. Moreover, also compilers and dedicated software are available for the development of in-house simulators to describe new physical phenomena involved in the operation of modern nano-electronic devices, which often are not included or are partially included in commercial simulation tools.