Segatto Mattia (2020 2023)
PhD Dissertation: Modeling and Simulation of Ferroelectric-based Devices for Neuromorphic Computing Applications


Fontanini Riccardo (2019 2022)
PhD Dissertation: Spiking Neural Networks and Ferroelectric Based Devices for Neuromorphic Computing


Khakbaz Pedram (2018-2021)
PhD Dissertation: Physics based modeling for 2D semiconductors as baseline materials for novel electron devices


Menin Davide (2018-2021)
PhD Dissertation: Modelling and Design of High-Speed Wireline Transceivers with Fully-Adaptive Equalization


Pilotto Alessandro (2017-2020)


Mele Julian (2017-2020) 
PhD Dissertation: Electrochemical Modeling of Performance and Noise for Electronic Biosensors and Bioactuators


Cossettini Andrea (2015-2018) 
PhD Dissertation: Investigation and Development of CMOS Pixelated Nanocapacitor Biosensors for Quantitative Analyses


Rollo Tommaso (2015-2018) 
PhD Dissertation: Ferroelectric Negative Capacitance Transistors as Beyond Tunnel-FETs, Steep-Slope Devices: a Modeling, Simulation and Design Study


Pinaroli Giovanni (2015-2018) 
PhD Dissertation: Development of a Soft X-ray CMOS Imager Detector for FEL applications


Oves Badami (2014-2017) 
PhD Dissertation: Development of numerical models and simulation tools for nanoscale MOS transistors


Bandiziol Andrea (2014-2017) 
PhD Dissertation: Characterization, Modeling and Design of a 10Gbps Serial Link


Caruso Enrico (2013-2016) 
PhD Dissertation: Performance evaluation of III-V compound semiconductor n-MOSFETs employing calibrated multi-valley and Multi-Subband Monte Carlo transport models


ScarboloPaolo (2013-2016)
PhD Dissertation: Electrical characterization and modeling of pH and microparticle nanoelectronic sensors


Venica Stefano (2013-2016) 
PhD Dissertation: Modeling and Simulation of Graphene{Based Devices for RF Applications


Lizzit Daniel (2012-2015) 
PhD Dissertation: Advanced Models for Simulation of Planar and Gate-All-Around Nanoscale MOSFETs


Neir Olivier (2011-2014) 
PhD Dissertation: Development of TCAD modeling for low field electronics transport and strain engineering in advanced Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FDSOI) CMOS transistors


Osgnach Patrik (2011-2014) 
PhD Dissertation: Development and Optimization of Advanced Simulation Models for Nanoscale MOSFETs with Alternative Channel Materials ​


Pittino Federico (2011-2014)
PhD Dissertation: Prospects of nanoelectronic biosensing with high-frequency impedance spectroscopy


Revelant Alberto (2010-2013)
PhD Dissertation: Modelling, Simulation and Characterization of Tunnel-FET Devices for Ultra-low Power Electronics


Cristofoli Andrea (2010-2013)
PhD Dissertation: Analysis and Design of High Speed Serial Interfaces for Automotive Applications ​


Paussa Alan (2009-2012)
PhD Dissertation: Numerical Simulation of Advanced CMOS and Beyond CMOS Nanoscale Transistors


Zaka Alban (2009-2012)
PhD Dissertation: Carrier injection and degradation mechanisms in advanced NOR Flash memories


Conzatti Francesco (2008-2011)
PhD Dissertation: Numerical Simulation of Advanced CMOS and Beyond CMOS Devices


Toniutti Paolo (2008-2011)
PhD Dissertation: Impact of the technology boosters on the MOSFET performance


Vianello Elisa (2006-2009)
PhD Dissertation: Characterization and Modelling of Silicon-Nitride Based Non Volatile Memories


Ponton Davide (2006-2009)
PhD Dissertation: Design of Radio-Frequency circuit building blocks in advanced Planar and FinFET CMOS technologies


DeMichielis Marco (2005-2008)
PhD Dissertation: Modelling and Optimization of Carrier Transport in Nanoscale MOSFETs


Serra Nicola (2005-2008)
PhD Dissertation: Advanced Modelling of n-type Silicon FinFET Devices for End–of–Roadmap CMOS Technology


Rafhay Quentin (2005-2008)
PhD Dissertation: Modelling of nano nMOSFETs with alternative channel materials in the fully and quasi ballistic regimes


Arreghini Antonio (2004-2007)
PhD Dissertation: Characterization and modeling of Non Volatile Memory cells based on localized trapping materials


Nonis Roberto (2003-2006)
PhD Dissertation: Modeling And Design Of Low Power Integrated Circuits For Frequency Synthesis In CMOS Technology


Lucci Luca (2002-2005)
PhD Dissertation: Modeling of advanced nanometer scale MO SFET devices with the Multi-Subband Monte Carlo approach


Driussi Francesco (2000-2003)
PhD Dissertation: Performance analysis and reliability characterization of Non Volatile Memory cells with high efficiency


Palestri Pierpaolo (1999-2002)
PhD Dissertation: Monte-Carlo Simulations of Hot-carrier Effects and Photon-Emission in MOS Devices